1. General
To install new interface move Interfejs Interface folder content to Data folder.

The default season is winter. To install summer move Lato Summer folder content to mod's folder (Mods->Sochaczew Modification).

Recommended game difficulty - medium.

To alarm firefighters you need to select the dispatcher.

To send vehicles you want, you need to select their numbers (you can see numbers on vehicles, for example: 631[M]21 means it's 21) and click on the bell.
1. Sends firefighters back to their rooms.
2. Opens/closes roof.
3. Turns on/off lights.

Before driving the vehicle, you need to turn on the engine by using command 1. Command 2 is the manual siren. By using command 3 you can equip firefighters with SCBA. Command 4 serves for checking water level and command 5 to set up lightmast.

Shutters in vehicles will come up automatically. To close them you need to select vehicle and click on firefighter.

To alarm paramedics you need to select ambulance on the map and click on the bell.

When you have mission with suicide attempt you need to send ladder vehicle. Those firefighters can use jump pad.

2. Equipment
1. Spineboard. You can use it on victim.
2. Sorbent. It's backfilling the oil stain.
3. Broom. It serves to sweeping backfilled oil stains and branches in falled tree event.
4. Glas-master. You can cut windows in jammed wrecks with it.
5. TÅ‚umica. It serves to supress grass fires.

1. Hooligan. Replaces axe.
2. Medium foam branch. You can extinguish with foam by using it.
3. SCBA breathing on/off. When you turn it on, you will have air level icon in equipment.

To put down equipment you need to select firefighter and then click on vehicle. If you want to put down firehose, you need to hold left shift.

1. Sets up the screen.
2. Warning vest.

3. Fire
To extinguish fire first you need to turn on pump. You need to select firefighter and click on vehicle but only when vehicle has firehose attached. When firefighter leave pump, it will automatically stop.
When you want to gear up or leave SCBA you need to select firefighter and click on vehicle by holding left shift. Then you can turn on SCBA breathing. If you want to recharge air you can just leave SCBA and put it on again or send another firefighters. Firefighter will go and recharge air. Air is reducing by 20%, so you will not see instantly that air is reducing.

Every vehicle has it own water level. You need to make water supply, so it won't fall to 0. You can do it by using hydrant. You need to attach firehose to hydrant and then to vehicle. Next you need to activate hydrant by selecting firefighter and clicking on hydrant. When you want to detach this hose from vehicle, first you must deactivate hydrant by doing the same thing. You can also do water supply from another vehicle.

If you want to extinguish with foam, you need to gear up firefighter with SCBA. Then attach firehose to vehicle and select foam branch from equipment. Now when you will extinguish car or something, foam will come up but only when you tell firefighter to extinguish. If he will do it automaticly, there will be no foam.

Command 1 is wye, command 2 puts down hose, so you can attach another hose. You can pick up wye or hose only with type of firefighter that installed it. So when you put wye with firefighter with SCBA, you need firefighter with SCBA to pick that up.

If you want to attach hose to vehicle, click on cabin. In some vehicles clicking at their backs may not work.

4. Car accidents
If you have car accident, first thing you should do is to unhook the battery. To do that select firefighter and click on wreck. If vehicle has enclosed person in it, you can cut windows. To do that select glas-master from equipment and click on wreck.

When you have dead person choose paramedic and click on body. Victim will be covered with black bag. When you do it mission won't be failed. Then you can pick body with caravan.

If you have event with oil stain you need to fill up stain with sorbent, clear it up with broom and pick car with car carrier. When you have fallen tree event you need to cut it with chainsaw, clean branches with broom and pick up car parked nearby.

In accidents with oil stains and fallen trees you shouldn't look at amount of victims on HUD. Cars in those events can't be cut with jaws, you just need to pick them with car carrier. In event with pedestrian hit by car you also shouldn't look at amount of victims. This car also can't be cut, you just need to pick it with car carrier.




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